Not Giving Up

Raymond Robinson With help from Irving Cares, Raymond, a U.S. Veteran, was able to maintain his housing, and find a good job after being a laid off from his corporate job. Here’s his story, “With two business degrees and a promising managerial career with a multimillion dollar corporation, my position ended with no warning.  I was able to get unemployment compensation, but it only lasted a few months. I searched for other employment, but was either over- or under-qualified, or even just a day late. Eventually my rent became due, and I struggled to pay.

As I had nowhere else to turn, I knew I could leave no stone unturned. I could not comprehend achieving a college education, and having over 12 years experience in my career with no job offers while facing homelessness in a thriving part of the state and country like DFW. My self esteem was very low by this point.

I figured why not try one more source of hope, and called Irving Cares.

As I write this testimony, I am shaking with deep positive emotions after the miracle I will share. I left a message of my request for assistance at Irving Cares and received a call back from a case manager. She told me I could indeed apply for assistance. She gave me the list of important documents I would need and I quickly gathered them all as I met with her the next business day. To my surprise, not only did I receive assistance but a class on budgeting and assistance sharpening up my resume’!

I received the financial assistance for my rent before I knew it. I also started applying for new jobs and the first company I applied to hired me a couple of weeks later. This was not a managerial position however, I needed a source of income. After three weeks at this company in the Irving area, an executive approached me and commented on my professionalism, accountability, and how quickly I mastered my job requirements. I realized I had been watched as a special talent.

I was told 24 hours after the comment in a short off-the-record meeting that I should apply for a new team lead/trainer position that became open and based on my resume and job performance I should do fine. My salary range jumped from $12 per hour to a little shy of triple the annual pay with incentives. I could not believe it! My season went from almost becoming homeless to this?! I thanked God, Irving Cares, my new employer, and my own talents as I asked where would I have been without a little hope as I did not completely want to give up.

I made a promise to share my story, and help those in need of hope. It is normal to get down a little when things are tough. I turned to prayer, asking for help, and becoming humbled to make it through a tough season into a blessed one. I am forever thankful and plan on helping those in the same way as Irving Cares not only assisted me but changed my life.”


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