Lori Bunger Nollette

Board Chair, Lori Bunger Nollette, works for Holt CAT and has been in Used Equipment Sales for 15 years.   After finishing a brief training program in 2001, Lori started in sales and has developed a customer base all over the world, selling $170 million dollars-worth of equipment stateside and abroad.  Lori is extremely involved with the City of Irving and the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, and supports the people and mission of this great community, especially Irving Cares. “Irving Cares is a special place that has helped thousands of residents in the City of Irving get back up on their feet.  It is an avenue where I can truly help my neighbor in need, and where I can see how the work we do changes the lives of people around us.”  Lori joined the Board of Directors of Irving Cares in October 2012.