Your support helps people like Damarrius

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Damarrius and Paris Jones on May 4, 2017He came to Irving Cares in 2015 as the 19 year-old single dad of a 3 month-old daughter. He was working, but barely able to make ends meet, especially with the financial needs of a new child. The child’s mother left him soon after they brought the baby home from the hospital. His mother helped care for the child, but couldn’t help financially. Irving Cares helped Damarrius pay his rent, and he got a week’s worth of food from the food pantry.

Damarrius, now 21, stopped by yesterday to visit his Case Manager, Beverly, and show off his beautiful daughter, Paris. He said Irving Cares really helped him get on his feet, and off to a good start caring for his family. Things are going well now, and he knows he can come to Irving Cares again if he needs help.

Emergency AssistanceYour support helps people like Damarrius