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The Employment Services Program Changed Pat’s Life!

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Pat celebrates her new job with Teddie and MaryOur friend, Pat, wrote a review of Irving Cares, “This place is amazing! Mary Shelton helped me so much! I lost my job of 10+ years in 2015 due to downsizing because of the economy. I started a small cleaning company when I could not procure employment that would cover my expenses. My company covered my very basic expenses but, for the first time in my life, I was uninsured, both medically and for my home. I was facing a never-ending 7 day a week job with zero benefits and no future. Mary recommended Lorenzo Jackson’s Property Adjuster’s Academy and Irving Cares helped pay the tuition. I finished the course with a 90 on my final exam. I applied to my #1 choice of employers and was offered a $90,500 per year job in the first week. It is a temporary job, and not exactly what I want to do, but it has my foot in the door! I cannot begin to thank Mary enough! Teddie, and Beverly were instrumental as well! This has changed my life, and as a result, changed my family’s lives. God bless you each and every one!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Pat!  Your story illustrates Irving Cares goal of helping folks gain self-sufficiency. If you need or someone you know in Irving needs help with employment, contact Irving Cares at 972-721-9181, or come to the weekly Job Search Seminar on Wed. at 9 am.

Employment ServicesThe Employment Services Program Changed Pat’s Life!