The Great Harvest 25th Anniversary Sets Records!

Cydney Robets and Teddie Story at The Great Harvest 2015

Teddie Story with Cydney Roberts, 2015 Chair

With a record 400 friends in attendance, this  fantastic party raised a record $277,000!  We gathered in the Irving Convention Center grand ballroom – a perfect setting to commemorate 25 years of fundraising for Irving Cares. We celebrated former Chairs of the event, many of whom were in attendance, to honor their work raising more than $2 million.  Fund-A-Cause for the Employment  Services Program raised more than $34,000 to help Irving residents get & keep jobs. Many thanks to Cydney Roberts, 2015 Chair, for coordinating a this milestone event.

Emergency AssistanceThe Great Harvest 25th Anniversary Sets Records!