Generous Donor helps Cynthia #WeatherTheStorm

Cynthia with Case Managers Beverly and MichelleCynthia is planning to return to work. But this year she’s battling cancer, and living on income from disability payments. It’s hard to make ends meet. When Kevin heard about #WeatherTheStorm, he made a donation that helped her avoid eviction this month. Case Managers, Beverly & Michelle, and Cynthia are all smiles!

Cynthia first came to Irving Cares back in 2001 when she needed help, and again in 2010.  Sadly, 2016 has been a tough year for her since she was diagnosed with cancer in late January.  She had to quit working, and filed for disability and Social Security benefits.  She’s been in the hospital, and is currently undergoing treatment.  Thanks to donors like Kevin, she’s had a Christmas miracle.

Emergency AssistanceGenerous Donor helps Cynthia #WeatherTheStorm