Goals & Outcomes

Our goals:

  • identifying and addressing the needs of the Irving community
  • providing people with services in a respectful and dignified manner without regard to race, color, gender, age, disability, religion or national origin
  • partnering with people in developing solutions that lead to self-sufficiency
  • working with other agencies and organizations for greater impact and effectiveness
  • assuring donors and supporters of exemplary management and fiduciary practices

Our strategy for achieving goals:

Irving Cares provides a hand up, not a hand out.

Residents of the City of Irving may be able to receive one week’s worth of nutritious groceries. Residents in need may also qualify for emergency assistance with a housing payment, a utility payment, transportation, or non-narcotic prescriptions. Irving Cares asks financial assistance recipients to complete a one-hour budgeting training online.

Irving Cares also offers Invest in Yourself, a comprehensive, relational approach to helping people articulate and achieve their goals-both big and small. Many people have goals relating to obtaining employment, strengthening finances, and becoming self-sufficient.

Our capacity for achieving goals:

In the past fiscal year a total of 1,388 volunteers donated more than 15,800 hours working in all areas of the agency.  Receptionists, Case Managers and food pantry workers donated hours to the Emergency Assistance Program. Volunteers assist with Job Search Seminars and resume writing for job-seeking clients. 

Families helped with groceries monthly

Most pantry orders weigh 85 pounds and have a $100 value.


said yes

Over the past 12 months, they were hungry but didn’t eat because there wasn’t enough money.


said yes

The Irving Cares food pantry improved their ability to deal with a financial crisis.


said yes

The Irving Cares food pantry helped prevent hunger in their household.

Donated Volunteer Hours

By over 1,388 individuals and teams.

Families helped with Rent or Mortgage

93% maintained their housing for at least 90 days

Families helped with Utilities

94% remained connected 90 days after assistance.

Clients Took money management classes

Spanish and English classes held online and in person.